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Welcome to SCPL
“Where All Paths Meet As One”

SCPL’s spirituality isn’t easily defined: Transdenominational, Interfaith, Spiritual Community, New Thought Center…while all these may fit, SCPL is so much more. Our Center is a gathering place for spiritual seekers who wish to grow together and expand their consciousness. It’s a place to get serious on your spiritual journey, make lasting changes in your life, and find like-minded friends with whom to share time and classes. In short, SCPL is an open, loving spiritual home that accepts all, right where they are. Teachings from the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, A Course In Miracles, Science of Mind, Self Realization, Sufism, Buddhism and many great saints and sages are all part of the wisdom taught in the classes and Sunday talks at SCPL.

Rev Pattie


All great paths at the truest core of their teachings
agree on a few common ideas:

• There is a goodness and an inner knowing at the center of our being.

• When we live the sacred teachings in our lives, life gets sweeter, reflecting that change.

• We are all connected. God is in, and through all people and all things.

• Unconditional love can heal everything.

• It’s all good!

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At SCPL we teach the tools needed to navigate this life with joy, abundance, purpose, health, great relationships and love! Our goal is to help you take the steps you want toward inner transformation and to meet life’s very real and difficult challenges with more confidence and strength. Come participate in the joy here at SCPL, and be part of the family of love that is healing the world one thought at a time.

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Spiritual Center for Positive Living
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