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Announcing our Spiritual Center for Positive Living Membership Directory
ready for you!

It contains most members, and pages for Staff, Practitioners, Board of Directors,
and Committee & Program Leaders. The Directory lists Members only.
There are three ways to access our new Member Directory. You choose what works best for you!

1.     A printed version which will show a picture, name, phone number(s), email, and position in the center. Printed versions will be available to pick up at the counter under the bulletin boards June 21. (We will be taking pictures for the Directory up until then.)

2.     An Online version, accessible with a unique username and password. Use the one you received in an email from CTRN or contact Rev. Marylee Revels for this information. In the Online Directory, you can change your picture, any information, and add lines of information like Profession, Children, Professional Skills, Interests, Pastimes, Passions, as well as see what others have posted. You may also opt out from others seeing your information. You can call or send email from this application. You may access your Online copy now!

3.     A Smart Phone Application too! Once you are logged into the Member Directory, you will see a banner with instructions for how to do this. (There is an app for that!)

Please set your new password and go in and take a look! No one can see your password, not even the administrator, but if you contact her you can have her reset your password to a default.

It has been a while since this was updated and you may have changes. Please check the data there. AND this is a different program and things don't always come out the same as they transition to this new cloud application. Please check, correct, and add to the information. ALSO, couples are separated into two separate entries, so we need pictures and email and info for both people.
If you would prefer that we correct and add your information for you, please email Marylee with the information you would like added/corrected.

Here are instructions to get you started:
Basic instructions for using the online directory can be found below. If you have additional questions you can use the Help tab in the directory, or contact Rev. Marylee Revels,
mrevels@gmail.com, 916.770.9262.

To Access the Directory:

1. Click the Directory link https://scpositiveliving.ctrn.co/directory/index.php

3. Enter your User Name and Password:

To Update Your Profile:
1. Click the “My Profile” tab
2. Change your password to something you can easily remember. Enter your new password in the password field and click update. (Your password is encrypted and will not be visible to anyone, including church staff)
3. Please verify that your information is correct, and update if necessary. Click update.
4. Upload a photo. Click “Edit Photo,” then “Upload New Photo.” Click “Choose A Photo,” size it so that it fills the box, and “Save Photo.”


Spiritual Center for Positive Living
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Phone 530-677-2300       Fax 530-677-2180
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