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Blessings of the Day, February 19, 2018

Dear Ones,

We really have too much stuff, don’t we? When I moved to the ranch where I now live, we spent months building our homes, with most of our belongings stored away. We functioned easily with very little, and I remember it was quite peaceful to have so few things to be concerned about. Simplicity is peaceful. What would happen if every week you chose a day of simplicity? What would happen if you spoke little, and listened with wonder and awe to your loved ones? How about doing something kind for a person you are close to? Or eating simply with wholesome food? What if you create time periods for not doing anything - just walking, looking around, living right the moment or meditating? Feel the feeling of your mind being open to serenity, appreciating each situation and person as they are. What would that feel like being in a sweet Divine flow with Divine Peace?


Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber

Today’s affirmation:

I schedule a day, to live in simplicity.

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