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Blessings of the Day, October 16, 2017

Dear Ones,

It all started with my meditation, or actually the chant…… “Engrossed is the bee of my mind…..” Then I watched a Bee make love to a flower. Actually, it was a very spiritual experience for me. Does the Bee know the impact he is having on the world, as he shares his love, flower after flower? What would we do without Bees? What would the flowers do without them? What would the world be without flowers? I blessed and thanked Mr. Bee today. Do you know the impact that you have, spreading love from one person to the next? Do you pollenate the planet with love? Impatience? Joy? Humor? Irritation? What do you spread around? I want daily to be a spiritual Bee that touches every soul flower with love everywhere I go. Oh, and that was Paramhansa Yogananda’s Chant “Engrossed is the Bee of my mind…. On the blue lotus feet of my Divine Mother.” I bow to Divine Mother today.


Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber

Today’s affirmation:

What do I share in this world today? Today I am a spiritual Bee that touches every soul flower with love everywhere I go

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