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What is the SCPL “Sacred Circle”?
The “Sacred Circle” is a group of SCPL Practitioners who have dedicated their lives to studying and living the New Thought teachings and using the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment to transform lives. They provide spiritual leadership and are the healing heart of our spiritual family. The Practitioners work with members of the community who desire healing or who wish to manifest a special blessing in their lives.

What is Spiritual Mind Treatment?
Spiritual Mind Treatment is a powerful affirmative prayer invoking the Laws of the Universe to create and manifest the intention of the client.

How do the Practitioner and client use Spiritual Mind Treatment together?
Both parties meet in Oneness and focus together on the Truth underlying every intention and desire for healing.

What is the Role and Function of the Practitioners?
Support the Senior Minister in promoting the spiritual Mission and Vision of SCPL.

• Meet prior to Sunday Service for prayer and blessing the Service.

• Provide public Divine Healing and Joyous Time of Giving treatment prayers during Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services.

• Provide private complimentary Spiritual Mind Treatment sessions after Sunday service for those interested.

• Provide fee-based, in depth, Spiritual Mind Treatment sessions in person or by telephone during the week as requested. These sessions may be on going based on client need and desire.

Certified Practitioners:

Rev. Sherry Wynne, Staff Minister (559-905-8462) sherry.wynne@gmail.com

Pat Souza, RScP, SLC (916-941-8080)

Peggy Liles, RScP (530-387-7104), peggyl707@gmail.com

Kathi Wilson, RScP (707-307-3657), 4evergrateful2@gmail.com

Maureen Charcho, RScP, SLC (916-934-9419), mcharcho@aol.com

Nancy Casey, RScP, SLC (530-354-4111), facilhealr@sbcglobal.net

Clara Pursley, RScP, SLC (916-705-2617), c.pursley@me.com

Connie Vaughn, RScP, (916-472-5614), prayerscriptions@gmail.com

Chris Wagner, SLC (916-220-0134)

Yuli Rodriguez, SLC (916-218-0237)

Cindy Owens (916-880-0103)

Intern Practitioners:

AnneMarie Olson (575-442-1922)


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