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Rev P

Reverend Dr. Pattie Weber

Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber is the Senior Minister at the Spiritual Center for Positive Living. She exemplifies a deep spiritual quality, and great joy and enthusiasm with everyone who enters the doors at the Center. She is beloved for the deep teachings and contagious joy in her Sunday talks that are inspirational and empowering, giving the fellowship tools that keep the inspiration flowing during the week.
In her “first life” Dr. Pattie spent more than two decades working as a professional keyboard player and vocalist in the music industry. She traveled all over the world performing with various bands on cruise ships, hotels, music festivals, fairs and loved every minute of it.

She began her metaphysical/spiritual studies in 1980, and after a successful musical career, in 1993 Dr. Pattie moved to El Dorado County from Los Angeles, and began to dedicate her life more fully to her Spiritual studies toward the ministry. She received her credentials through Emerson Theological Institute, where she received her RScP Practitioner License, Ministerial Credential, Masters, Doctorate of Religious Studies and Doctorate of Divinity. Besides New Thought teachings, she shares her deep love of the yogic path and teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda to SCPL, bringing her studies of the Bhagavad Gita and many ancient religions to life in her Sunday talks.

Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber is an outstanding, charismatic, gifted speaker. She demonstrates joy and authenticity, and has an ability to captivate, energize, inspire and empower change in people lives. Affectionately called Dr. Joy, her talks express her witty humor and deep spiritual path. In 2013 and 2014 she received honorable mention in the “Best Spiritual Leader” category in El Dorado County’s Style Magazine.
Rev. P is known as the “Minister that brought Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra to Sacramento.” Her vision and ability to demonstrate and teach how to manifest your dreams makes her a special presence as a motivational speaker and inspired Minister in the New Thought consciousness movement.

Rev. P authored the cutting edge “Voyage of Insight” Spiritual Life Coach Training program that has empowered many to create a living helping others. She developed the spiritual hybrid neuro science technique called the “Quantum Process” that shifts neural pathways, and invites in higher spiritual consciousness choices. This technique accelerates change at the Quantum level. Her coaches are trained in this new method of personal evolution.

Dr. Weber serves the SCPL fellowship by providing personal Ministerial visits and ongoing Coaching sessions. Her love, joy, enthusiasm and passion for her path and helping others is inspiring. Through her inspired coaching and Quantum Process method of transformation, many have changed and bodies healed. In the coaching experience, tools are given that raise ones consciousness, create habits for better health, uncover ideas that heal relationships and work situations, and open the door to unlimited abundance. Most important, each person finds a very personal way to feel connected and commune with Spirit and feel the Divine presence within. Rev. Dr. Pattie also officiates weddings and memorials.

Dr. Pattie is an accomplished musician and continues to perform with the SCPL band Ascension. Her original music is performed all over the country, and her music book with many of her original songs, including her CD “Angel’s Voices,” can be found at Spiritual Centers everywhere. She has served as the Musical Director of the Affiliated New Thought Network’s yearly conferences for the last six years.

Dr. Pattie loves her ministry of music and word, feeling the blessings everyday that a life dedicated to God brings.

You can reach Rev. Dr. Pattie at spiritsong@d-web.com

Rita  Rita Harrington, Musical Director

Rita is the Musical Director of our Center band, Ascension. Rita is an accomplished drummer, and also helps out on vocals and guitar. She teaches drums, and plays professionally with various local bands and is part of the Affiliated New Thought Network Conference house band Soul Co- Op. Rita runs Little Canyon Recording studio, producing demos, audio books and cds for adults and children alike.

You can reach Rita at rhythmicrita@hughes.net


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