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Sunday Service

Meditation before service begins at 10:00
Sunday Service begins at 10:30 am.

The 30 minute inspirational message is the center of the Sunday Service. These messages explore spirituality and metaphysics from various sources and applies it to our everyday life. A Course In Miracles, The Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, Science of Mind, writings of Paramhansa Yogananda as well as many contemporary spiritual authors like Wayne Dyer, Paul Ferrini and Louise Hay are often part of the Sunday talks. Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber, Rev. Sherry Wynne and special speakers are all part of the inspiring SCPL Sunday ministry. You can count on being touched by love, and moved and challenged to be a more joyful, abundant, peaceful person.

The Center's band Ascension comes a close second as the center of the Sunday service.
Ascension's music is empowering, dynamic and a complete joy to all who enter the doors at SCPL! Ascension is led by Rita Harrington, SCPL's Director of Music.

Starting with the opening song "Testify To Love" Ascension's music touches every heart. Ascension personnel include Chris Ballard, Scott Bright, Denis Fitts, Lorine DeVaul, Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber, Diane Litts, Syonia Peterson, Sherry Anderson, Craig Zangari, Cecile Woods, Roger Standon, Gabiella Lundqvist, Daniel Poppers, sound engineers Julie Schultz and Chris Seri, and musical director Rita Harrington. This inspiring musical group is a big part of the blessing that is SCPL.

We also offer a New Thought Kids program teaching Preschool -10 years old, where they learn weekly lessons in unconditional love, tolerance and positive thinking. They have their own Sunday Service, rich in spiritual principle taught by our SCPL Practitioners followed by a craft.

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October 2017 Theme
“Intentional Creation ”

A fundamental tenet of New Thought is that we are made of God Stuff and that each and every one of us (no exceptions here!) contains all the attributes of God, including, most certainly, the ability to create. When we are intentionally creating, we are aligned with the Divine and are the happiest. Interestingly, it is the PROCESS OF and the PROGRESS IN intentional creation that bring us the most joy. So where is your joy meter? If it isn’t as high as you would like, this month we offer some new insights on how to increase it by expressing the Divine quality of creation.

October 1 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“What Channel Are You Tuned Into?”

We are always tuned in to one of three internal radio stations. Two of them weaken the process and definitely bog down the progress of intentional creation. The other one enhances the process and expedites the progress. Which one are you tuned into? Come today and find out.

October 8 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“What Stops You in Your Tracks?”

The profound and eye-opening answer to that question is (drum roll, please) . . . your “upper limit.” What is an “upper limit?” It is the unconscious ceiling we put on our ability to truly reach for what we desire. When our upper limit kicks in (and it can be very, very sneaky), we squash our process and our progress of intentional creation, therefore, squashing our joy. Join us today as we take a look at the variety of ways in which our “upper limit” stops us in our tracks, so that we can break free from it, get busy creating and raise our joy meter!

October 15 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“Is A Problem A Problem?”
Creating something amazing isn’t necessarily easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it! At least, we want to be in the process of and making progress on our intentional creations. So, perhaps you have raised your “upper limit,” but still aren’t feelin’ the joy. Well, in that case, you just might be really good at creating “safe problems.” What are “safe problems?” Come today and find out! (This month we begin 40-Days of Gratitude Journaling - an experience leading up to Thanksgiving. Pick up your journal on Sunday, October 15.)

October 22 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“Standing at the Green Growing Edge of our Becoming”
Hildegard von Bingen, the 16th century Christian mystic, spoke about “the green growing edge of our becoming,” referring to how we are all meant to grow in our awareness and in our inner knowing as expanding beings. As we continue our month of exploring the idea of intentional creation, we will bump up against that edge and expand it out a couple of feet

October 29 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“Intentional Creation In Action”
We have spent the past four weeks deeply exploring and beginning to understand and release barriers and blocks to our intentional creative expression. Today we look at a three-prong approach to kicking our creative juices into gear, and we celebrate ourselves as creative beings

November 2017 Theme
“Abundant Living as a Way of Life & SCPL’s Friendship Month!! ”

In his New Thought classic, “Prosperity,” Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore examines abundant living as a way of life. This month at SCPL we gather to explore the deep and timeless ideas contained in this rich (pun intended!) book. If you are seeking a more fulfilling human experience, a greater understanding of Divine Presence and a way to apply the spiritual principles of abundance in all areas of your life, then this month is for you. Come and be blessed and bring a friend to share this with! November is SCPL’s Friendship Month as we create more magnificence in our lives together! And, remember, your presence at service is always a blessing to others! See you at SCPL!

November 5 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“The Key to it All”

Our in-depth exploration of Fillmore’s book “Prosperity” begins at the beginning – by clarifying and deepening into the fundamental basis of the Universe. You may think you know what this is . . . and you may. Then again, there may be more to be revealed!

November 12 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“You are the Inlet and the Outlet”

We have a saying in our New Thought teachings: “Spirit can only do for us what Spirit can do through us.” No truer words have ever been spoken. Therefore, you are both an inlet and an outlet for the Divine and for all aspects of the Divine, including this thing we call abundant living. How wide are your inlet and outlet pipes? If they are not as wide as you would like, today’s the day to expand them!

November 19 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“Rich in Ideas, Rich in Life”

It’s been said that ideas are the Divine’s first currency. Fillmore writes in “Prosperity,” that “our rich ideas will keep us in constant touch with abundance.” What does it mean to trade in the currency of ideas? Come today as we explore this profound idea!!

November 26 - Rev. Dr. Pattie Weber
“Let the Divine Pay Your Bills”

If this title intrigued you, then it served its purpose. As we bring this impactful month to a close, we look at the power, the significance and the seeming magic behind the idea of letting the Divine pay our bills.



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